Eweka was founded in The Netherlands in 2011. Eweka offers there usenet service from their own managed networks in Amsterdam, and locations in London, Frankfurt and more. 24/7 support is provided in Dutch, English, German, and French.

wdt_IDProviderPackageLimitConnectionsSSLSpeed (Mbit)RetentionPriceRating
71 Eweka Pre-Paid 50Mbit 0 8 Yes 50 4.637 7,50 rating
72 Eweka Pre-Paid 300Mbit 0 20 Yes 300 4.637 9,60 rating
335 Eweka Subscription High-Speed 0 50 Yes 0 4.637 7,00 rating

Retention & Completeness

Eweka is providing an amazing retention of more than 12 years and still increasing every day. This high retention period is accompanied by an completeness rate of over 99,5%. This means that files that are posted even more than 12 years ago in one of the 125.000+ newsgroups will be available and complete in more than 99,5% of the cases.


Eweka is offering packages from 50Mbit with 8 simultaneous connections, or 300Mbit with 20 simultaneous connections. All standard Eweka usenet plans are pre-paid packages. If you choose for there subscription plan you will get the full 300Mbit for the same price as the pre-paid 50Mbit package. For most users the 300Mbit packages will be more than sufficient, but if your internet connection is even faster, the packages Eweka offers could be not suitable for you.

Extra futures

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Eweka is offering two types of packages. There pre-paid packages give great flexibility because you just pay for one month access and after this month you can choose to pay for another month, or just do nothing and your access will end. The pre-paid packages are offered for €7,50 a month for 50Mbit download speed, or €9,60 for 300Mbit download speed. Eweka also offers one subscription package with 300Mbit download speed for only €7,00 a month. So if you are planning to use there services for a longer period the subscription package is definitely the best choose!


The enormous retention period and low pricing makes Eweka a great choose for Usenet access. The only downside is that they offer a maximum download speed of 300Mbit that could be not enough if your internet provider is giving you higher internet speed. So if the 300Mbit download speed is more then enough for you Eweka would be a great choose!

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