Extremeusenet is a Dutch usenet provider offering high quality usenet with excellent service!
All their usenet packages offer unlimited downloads, SSL connections, and account sharing is allowed. This means that you can share your account with family and friends without extra charge.

wdt_IDProviderPackageLimitConnectionsSSLSpeed (Mbit)RetentionPriceRating
18 Extremeusenet 4 mbit 0 4 Yes 4 1.500 4,00 rating
19 Extremeusenet 8 mbit 0 4 Yes 8 1.500 5,00 rating
20 Extremeusenet 12 mbit 0 8 Yes 12 1.500 6,00 rating
21 Extremeusenet 20mbit 0 12 Yes 20 1.500 6,50 rating
22 Extremeusenet 30mbit 0 12 Yes 30 1.500 7,00 rating
23 Extremeusenet 60mbit 0 12 Yes 60 1.500 8,00 rating
24 Extremeusenet 120mbit 0 20 Yes 120 1.500 10,00 rating
25 Extremeusenet 150 mbit 0 20 Yes 150 1.500 12,00 rating
26 Extremeusenet 200 mbit 0 20 Yes 200 1.500 14,00 rating
27 Extremeusenet 12 mbit Voordeel 0 12 Yes 12 1.500 2,50 rating

Retention & Completeness

The provided retention of 1.500 days is relatively low compared to a lot of the usenet providers we reviewed on Usenet-Compare. But the provided retention should still be sufficient for most of the users as the retention is still above the 4 years! And if you compare Extremeusenet with other providers they offer lower priced packages. With a completeness of more than 99,7% you will almost always be able to download your files!


Extremeusenet provided a variety of packages with download speeds starting at 4Mbit and up to packages offering 300Mbit. This means that depending on the download speed you Internet Service Provider offers you are able to select the package that matches this download speed. This way you are able to save money by not overpaying for usenet download speed you are not able to use!

Extra futures

– N/A


Extremeusenet is offering a large amount of different packages with means you are able to select the package that best fits your needs. The lowest priced package starts at €22,50 a year for there 12Mbit ‘Voordeel’ package (These packages are only available during off-hours 0:00-12:00, 2:00-14:00 or 4:00-16:00). There highest priced package is offered at 170€ a year for 300Mbit download speed and 30 connections.


The provided retention is on the low side, but more than sufficient for most users. Because Extremeusenet is offering a large variety of packages they are extremely interesting for users that only require a lower download speed. But also for the heavy users they have high speed packages up to 300Mbit. What is also a plus for this provider is that they allow account sharing. So when you buy a package by Extremeusenet they allow you  to share the account details with family/friends. This way you can even lower the monthly costs by splitting the monthly fee.

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