Astraweb is one of the most experienced usenet providers around with more than 15 years of experience (founded in 1998), so they know what there customers like and expect!

wdt_IDProviderPackageLimitConnectionsSSLSpeed (Mbit)RetentionPriceRating
1 Astraweb Unlimited 0 20 Yes 10 3.000 10,00 rating
2 Astraweb Unlimited 3 Months 0 20 Yes 10 3.000 6,67 rating
3 Astraweb Unlimited DSL 0 20 Yes 0 3.000 15,00 rating
4 Astraweb Unlimited DSL 3 Months 0 20 Yes 0 3.000 13,00 rating
5 Astraweb 25 GB 25 50 Yes 0 3.000 10,00 rating
6 Astraweb 180 GB 180 50 Yes 0 3.000 25,00 rating
7 Astraweb 1000 GB 1 50 Yes 0 3.000 50,00 rating

Retention & Completeness

The provided retention is already more then 8 years, and still increasing every day! With this extremely high retention period Astraweb is one of the top leaders in the business. The completeness is with more than 99% very high and means almost all the files you try to download are available on there servers.


Astraweb has unlimited packages with 10Mbit download speed for the users that do not need high download speeds but like lower prices. Or they offer there unlimited DSL packaged with unlimited download speeds for the heavy users. Both packages include 20 simultaneous connections. There pay-by-download plans all offer unlimited download speeds with 50 simultaneous connections. With servers located both in the US and EU you are always able to take full advantage of there services!

Extra futures

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Astraweb is offering two types of unlimited Gigabyte accounts, the ‘Unlimited’ package with 10Mbit download speed starts at $20 for three months. The ‘Unlimited DSL’ package with unlimited download speed starts at $39 for three months. If you are occasionally download from usenet than the Pay-by-download accounts could be more interesting starting at 25 Gigabyte with unlimited download speeds for 10$ once.


With many years of experience in the business, extremely high retention rates Astraweb is one of our favorites! They provide a limited choose in packaged which makes it easy to choose the best package for your needs. And if you just wan’t to try them out, or use them as a backup server you can always make use of there pay-by-download packages!

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