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No, we are completely independent. We have no connections with the Usenet providers on our comparison list.

What do I do if I notice wrong information about a Usenet provider?

We developed this site with close attention to accuracy. However, some of this information may become outdated at times. Please contact us via the contact page and we’ll update the information.

Usenet Terms

The files that are posted on a newsgroup on Usenet
A binary file is a computer file that may contain any type of data that is not a text file. The binary files are located on Usenet in groups that contain ‘binary’ in the name, for example alt.binaries.dvds
Files on Usenet are shared by newsservers. There can me a loss of data when the files are shared. The completion indicates the percentage of data that is complete on the server.
Connection time-out
This kind of error appears when a server fails to connect after a few tries.
Crosspost is a post that is posted on several groups simultaneously
The title of an article on Usenet. You can download the headers in a newsgroup without downloading the complete files.
To download files from Usenet you need a newsreader.
Server where you can download or upload files to the newsgroups. You can find a large selection of newsservers on this website.
File you can read with notepad where information about the post is stored.
File containing all the parts of a post. You can download a NZB file for example from Binsearch.info
PAR and PAR2 files are posted to repair corrupted RAR files.
Number of days that files remain on the Usenet server after they are posted.