Giganews is one of the oldest usenet providers around with more than 20 years of experience (founded in 1994), so they have seen it all! They provide you with 24x7x365 support in case you need any assistance with you usenet account. One of the unique futures of Giganews is that they also provide VyprVPN (Encryption service for your entire internet connection, like SSL for usenet), which is included in there Diamond and Platinum plans for free.

wdt_IDProviderPackageLimitConnectionsSSLSpeed (Mbit)RetentionPriceRating
8 Giganews Platinum 0 20 Yes 0 1.825 19,99 rating
9 Giganews Diamond 0 50 Yes 0 1.825 29,99 rating
10 Giganews Pearl 5 20 Yes 0 30 4,99 rating
11 Giganews Bronze 10 20 Yes 0 1.825 9,99 rating
12 Giganews Silver 50 20 Yes 0 1.825 14,99 rating

Retention & Completeness

Giganews is already for many years one of the leaders in retention and completeness. Currently more than 5 years of binary retention (files) and more than 14 years of text retention is provided! With over 110.000 supported newsgroups and the storage of multiple copies of every article the highest available completeness is guaranteed .


Giganews provides unlimited speed on all there usenet plans with 20 or 50 connections. We have tested the Diamond plan on an 200Mbit connection and throughout the day Giganews always provided us with the full 200Mbit! With server farms located in Europe and North America there is always a location close enough to your location to ensure maximum download speed.

Extra futures

– VyprVPN: VPN service for your entire internet connection with support for a extensive range of supported devices
– Mimo Usenet Browser: Newsreader and usenet search engine


Giganews is offering two packages with unlimited bandwidth (Platinum & Diamond) starting with $19,99 for 20 connections for the Platinum package, or $29,99 for the Diamond package. If you are a occasional downloader you could also choose for the Pearl, Bronze, or Silver package. Starting with $4,99 a month for the Pearl package you will receive 5 Gigabyte of bandwidth a month. For the more occasional downloader the Bronze and Silver package with respectively 10 and 50 Gigabyte a month could be good options for you!


The provided retention is already above 6 years, and is still rapidly increasing! This all in combination with SSL connections, more than 99% completion, up to 50 connections, and up to unlimited speed makes Giganews one of the top5 usenet providers on our website. They offers plans starting at $14,99 a month for unlimited access, or $4,99 a month for 5 Gigabyte of monthly downloads.

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