Supernews is found in 1995 and has therefore more than 21 years of Usenet experience. Their mission is providing purely, simple, Usenet! Which means they offer just one package with maximum performance. Their retention period of more than 3 years is more than adequate for the most demanding Usenet users.

wdt_IDProviderPackageLimitConnectionsSSLSpeed (Mbit)RetentionPriceRating
220 Supernews Plan 0 30 Yes 0 1.100 6,19 rating

Retention & Completeness

The provided retention is already more then 3 years, and still increasing every day! With this high retention period Supernews is one of the top leaders in the business. The completeness is guaranteed to be 100% because they keep multiple copies of every article to ensure a 100% article completion rate. This means you never experience downtime or missing articles. Unlike other Usenet providers, Supernews makes all articles available at unlimited speeds – regardless of the age of the article.


Supernews is offering one one plan, and that plan includes unlimited download speed over secure SSL connections. No speed throttling or connection limitations. There servers will max out your Internet connection so you can consume as much content as you want.

Extra futures

– Free Trial period


The price for the one package they offer is $6.19 a month and is therefore in the mid-range of Usenet prices. But when you compare this with the Unlimited download speed, great retention and completeness rate, and 24x7x365 support they offer great value for money!


With more than 21 years of experience in the business, and very high retention rates Supernews is one of our top rated providers! As they only provide one package it will always give you the maximum of there service. And if you are not sure yet if Supernews is the best fit for you they offer a free trial to test there service yourself!

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  • Speed
  • Retention
  • Free Trial
  • Completeness


  • Only one package