Usenetserver is a US based usenet provider offering high quality usenet with excellent service and retention!
They offer just one package that gives everything you need including unlimited downloads, SSL connections, and over 99% completion ratio for binary downloads. With their incredible retention period of more than 12 years, and still growing every day, even the most demanding user will not go out of retention time! This all combined with excellent prices makes Usenetserver one of the top5 usenet providers on our website.

wdt_IDProviderPackageLimitConnectionsSSLSpeed (Mbit)RetentionPriceRating
16 Usenetserver 1Month 0 20 Yes 0 4.641 14,95 rating
17 Usenetserver 3Months 0 20 Yes 0 4.641 8,95 rating
333 Usenetserver 12Months 0 20 Yes 0 4.641 7,95 rating

Retention & Completeness

Usenetserver is one of the providers that provides an extremely high retention and completeness. Currently more than 12!! years of binary retention (files) is provided! Because Usenetserver maintains relationships with all major Usenet providers and most smaller providers a high completeness rate of more than 99% is guaranteed .


Unlimited speed is provided by Usenetserver on all there usenet plans with 10 connections. As part of this review we tested an Usenetserver account on an 400Mbit connection and throughout the day Usenetserver always provided us with the full 400Mbit!

Extra futures

– Zero-Log VPN: VPN service for your entire internet connection
– Global Search: Usenet search engine


Usenetserver has a reputation in the usenet business of proving high speed and connection for very affordable prices! There most popular 12 months plan is with a price of $7,95 a month very affordable. If you do not want to start with a 12 month subscription you can always start with there 1 month plan ($14,95 a month) or there 3 month plan ($8,95 a month).


With there industry leading retention, in combination with the very affordable prices Usenetserver is one of our most favorite usenet providers for years. There are not many providers available that give this prices and service for years. So if you are looking for a qualitative provider for affordable prices in our opinion Usenetserver should always be on the top of your short list!

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  • Speed
  • Retention
  • Security
  • Price


  • Only one package
  • Connections